Saturday, January 5, 2013

I got hacked but I'm back now Y'all!!

Hey y'all..I got hacked.   I think it may have been that weasel Karl Rover but he's so slick, I'll never know.  I even tickled John Boehner to see what he knew but he just started bawlin' like a baby.   I shoulda tried Mitch Mc instead..but he can get mean.   He's like Babs Bush without the pearls.

What y'all bin up to?  I was on the road with Mitt fer awhile.  Dick don't like him much..but there weren't much to work with this time round.  Hell, we thought bout gitting GW to come back fer a another go round at the Big House but he said he's happier not being the Vice..I mean the President.

Dick can't do it either since he got his new heart.   Since he got the new ticker, well, we bin plenty busy..iffin ya know what I mean.

I've also bin at the hospital with GHB ..when Babs ain't there I bring him some pork rinds and PBR...I tell ya that diet they had him on was killin' him.  A little Jack Daniels in his IV and he perked up right away!!

So as I was sayin' I was hangin' with Mitt.  He ain't much fun.  He don't drink, he don't play nekkid twister and he sure ain't got Dick's personality.  Nope, he ain't no Dick.  Now, his V.P. Paul Ryan - now he's kind of a Dick.  He's strong, bullheaded and probably would be great at running the country as President..I mean Vice President.   He's purty good at strip poker, too.  I think he cheated a couple of times, iffen ya know what I mean.

Well,  I gotta go git Bohener off his fiscal cliff before he jumps.